This page contains spoilers for season seven!

Those who know me won't have been too surprised that I took on this project when I did.  Some may even wonder why it took so long!  The truth is, the idea for such a site had occurred to me before I actually went ahead with it, but it was one particular thing that gave me the push to actually do it.

On Saturday 22nd February, 2003, I went online to find an e-mail on the SJUK list containing spoilers for season seven.  Normally I wouldn't have read it, but one particular sentence in my preview window caught my eye...

"I especially recommend looking at the spoilers for 'Heroes' which ... could have some big news for all Fraiser fans."

That did it, I had to read it.  And what I saw there left me less than happy.  If the spoilers were to be believed, it appeared Janet may not be making it alive past the first few episodes of the season.

I responded straight away, and after talking to several people the general consensus was that we felt like we needed to do something.  We knew that if this was what was going to happen, nothing we could do would stop it.  But at the same time we felt the need to do something positive to show our appreciation for the character, and for the work Teryl Rothery has put into portraying her over the preceding six years.  By the end of the day, the leading idea was to create this site as somewhere we could channel our energies regarding this information that would still be a valid endeavour whether or not the spoiler information turned out to be true.

A week on, and I had calmed down remarkably.  I was still enthusiastic about this site though, and a large amount of the ground work was done.  Whatever was to happen in Stargate's future, I was looking forward to maintaining the site, and that alone told me I had probably done the right thing.

Now it's here, and has been here through the realisation of the events those spoilers forewarned. I'm understandably devastated that they turned out to be true, but at the same time so proud that I've been able to do something, however small, by doing this for you all. Now, it's in your hands!  I hope you enjoy it, make use of it, and help me and the others who have contributed to make this into something that every Janet fan can be proud of.

Of course, I couldn't have done this one my own. Many people have helped and advised with the general conception and design, including Lin, Jen, Clara, and Sesa.  Specific thanks also go to Kayla, who has been invaluable in helping with the forms on this site despite not ever having seen the show.  Where there have been other specific contributions to the site, you will find them credited in the appropriate place.  To anyone I have forgotten to give specific mention, please accept my apologies and of course my thanks to you as well!

I hope you enjoy this site, and would love to hear your comments and of course any suggestions for improvements.  You can contact me at laura@laurajo.net, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!