"Janet Fraiser was an extraordinary person. She was kind, and funny, and talented. Above all, she was courageous. Try as I might, I could not find the words to honour her, to do justice to her life. Thankfully I got some help. While words alone may not be enough, there are some names that might do. We often talk about those that give their lives in the service of their country, and while Janet Fraiser did just that, that's not what her life was about. The following are the names of the men and women who did not die in the service, but who are in fact alive today because of Janet. Major Samantha Carter. Dr Daniel Jackson. Colonel Jack O'Neill. Teal'c. Sergeant Connie Smith. Major Ian Hewels. Senior Airman Simon Wells..."'

Major Samantha Carter, "Heroes, Part Two"


From: LauraJo
Email: laura@laurajo.net
Location: UK

There are many moments I'll always remember, from the smile on Janet's face when they got Sam back in "Entity", to the touching moment with Jack in "The Broca Divide", and then more recently the depth and breadth of emotion and compassion we saw in "Lifeboat".  I know that as Stargate continues, I'll continue to see moments where Janet could, and always in my mind, should have been present.

Few television characters have captured my heart and my inspiration in quite the way Janet did, and watching "Heroes" was harder than I ever thought it could be.  She'll be sorely missed, and will leave a gap in the show that I don't think can ever be adequately filled.

May she live on in peace and happiness in our memories.


From: Meesh
Email: meeshy_ickle@yahoo.co.uk
Location: UK

This is it. It actually happened. They killed Janet Fraiser. They always say, "no one really dies" in Sci-fi but they actually did it this time. They killed one of the most loved and adored characters on the show. Janet Fraiser, Doctor and Major, who over the 7 years as a recurring character was involved in some of the most emotional storylines Stargate has seen in its 7 year run; such as "Singularity", "Rite of Passage", "Entity", "Fire and Water", "Meridian", "Lifeboat" and "Threshold" to name but a few!

A character that I've never seen a bad word written about. A character that everyone who was a fan of the show loved to see on screen, no complaints were heard about episodes focused around her. Many people wanted to see more of Janet in the show, despite the "team" focus. Janet always was an integral part of the episodes she starred in, often the cool, calm and rational voice that lay somewhere between the needs of her patient and the demands of the airforce General's.

What can I say apart from Janet Fraiser MD will be sorely missed as a part of this show, there will be no more humorous Infirmary scenes with Janet threatening her patients; no more Janet there to comfort the teams in their time of need. From the moment Janet Fraiser's character was introduced there was something about her that drew people in, in her first episode "The Broca Divide" Janet is seen trying to combat an alien virus. Desperate to save the people in the base and making an agonising decision to test her antidote on Colonel O'Neill. Janet's concern and inner turmoil so easily seen on screen in this episode, her concern for her patients which would be one of her most redeeming features throughout the show.

Some of the most powerful moments in the shows' history involved Janet. Agonising decisions over whether to let someone die such as Sam in "Entity", Teal'c in "Threshold" and Daniel in "Meridian". As well as fighting to save the friends, comrades and people closest to Janet's heart, Daniel in "Lifeboat", Sam in "In the Line of Duty", Jonas in "Prophecy" and her adoptive daughter Cassandra in "Rite of Passage".

A character that has been brought to life through the season as a witty, caring, kind and gentle woman who always knows best. The "Napoleonic powermonger" (Crystal Skull) whom despite her bossy and often stern exterior lay a deeply caring woman, who would often be seen showing concern above and beyond the nature of her job.

There are many moments in Stargate SG1 which illustrate the depth of Janet's character. Many moments which illustrate why Janet was a firm fan favourite, and why she will be sorely missed. Why at the end of the day, the episode Heroes is a tribute to Dr. Janet Fraiser, the unsung hero of the SGC.


From: becca
Email: beccacurrie@msn.com
Location: motherwell scotland

Janet is a remarkable character and i know i will miss her like a family member !!! rest in peace



From: Lacey
Email: sgukhathor@tiscali.co.uk
Location: whitby

The words that express the sense of loss that will be felt by Janet's passing just don't exist. It will just not be the same without her.


From: Selmak
Email: Selmak@selmak.org
Location: Somewhere out there.

Dear Janet;

I don't know what I'll do without you. Jake is always getting hurt and you'd always help patch him up. I used to tease him about being in the infirmary so often when you were there, because apparently I wasn't good enough to fix him.

I'll miss you and I'll remember you always.

(& Jake too)


From: Paula
Email: kitycorn@aol.com
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

I love the character of Janet Fraiser. She may be a "minor" character, but she affects the lives of every single one of the "main" characters in a major way. I will miss her dreadfully. I've only read the spoilers and have tears in my eyes several times. Of the people I talk to online who have seen the episode, every single one has admitted to breaking down into tears repeatedly during the episode. Janet will be sorely missed.


From: Darren
Email: jedi_boyuk@yahoo.com
Location: Luton, Bedfordshire. S.E. England. UK

I will always remember "Dr. Nice Eyes" best bit was escaping via seduction with all the other girls on the base in "Hathor" which showed the character's versatility, and her investigative poise in "2010" that tumbled the Aschen plot. It's terrible they've killed her. Let me PLEASE wake up and find her in the shower!


From: Maria
Email: m.witcombe@ntlworld.com
Manchester, England

I love the way Janet can strike fear in to the toughest airmen (especially Jack), but is also so warm, funny and caring to everyone around her.


From: chris brandon
Email: christopher.brandon@ntlworld.com
england UK

You got shot, sorry to see you go!!


From: Rachel
Email: lepoudr1@msu.edu

Janet was amazing. How else can you describe such a wonderful and caring woman? The SGC wouldn't be where it is today without her. She, countless times, had to be quick on her feet and deal with alien diseases she couldn't even begin to understand. Yet, every time, she always saw it through. The first time we met her she automatically had a huge job to do dealing with the retro virus from the Broca Divide. Do you know any other doctor that would have been able to figure out the cure for their co-workers to stop turning into cave men?

She'll be sorely missed, but never forgotten. And in the end, she died doing what she loved most: Saving someone else.


From: Splash
Email: strange_gurl_87@hotmail.com
Location: UK

Janet Fraiser was a very strong, kind and obviously loving person....Its going to be hard watching the show knowing we'll never see her there again:( She'll be greatly missed!


From: Chris
Email: shels86@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Ireland

Goodbye Janet, we're all really gonna miss you! You were an amazing person, and we didn't get to see you enough.


From: Kate
Email: etak_rekrap@gateworld.net
Location: Australia

Stargate will never be the same with out Janet. She was always a silent presence. Always ready to help with any of the members of the SGC. we'll never forget u Janet. may u rest in peace forever more.


From: Mike
Email: mike@rpgx2.com
Location: Columbus, Georgia, USA

Janet Fraiser has always been the coolest, most caring, sensitive, intelligent (!) Doctor. I've loved every episode she's been in, and I was actually hoping for an episode featuring her.

She will be missed.


From: Kat
Email: theupstairshall@yahoo.com
Location: California

These are the Janet Fraiser moments I'll miss the most. Pen lights, large needles, Jack O'Neill cowering in fear, Janet saving the day, MRI's, Janet taking on aliens, military men and evil people everywhere... You will be missed!


From: Marc Bouchard
Email: marc_bouch@hotmail.com
Location: Ottawa, Canada

I grieve for the loss of the one person who, literally, held together all the members of the SGC. Kind, compassionate, professional and rather cute, she will be sorely missed. I can only hope, that somewhere, somehow, one of Anubis' planets is engulfed in flames...


From: Haruka Tenoh Areldenar de Adei
Email: harukatenoh@lycos.com
Location: Spain

We'll miss you, Janet. You were more important for SG-1 than what many people might think. A sweet person and an excellent professional.


From: Martha
Email: martha2025@aol.com
Location: USA

Isn't this terrible! Why Dr. Frasier? Why did anyone have to die? Who's going to be the SGC's doctor now? Who's going to take care of Cassandra now? Dr. Frasier was the only other woman on the show besides Sam. This is terrible. I didn't want Colonel O'Neill to die, and I didn't want Daniel to die again, but I didn't want Janet to die either. She certainly will be missed, me being one of those to miss her. I hope Cassandra won't be put in foster care. Maybe Sam can adopt her. But this is so sad! Why did they kill off Dr. Frasier? Why did anyone have to die? Janet Frasier might not be a real person, but nonetheless she will be missed.


From: paul walter
Email: bikerider1979@hotmail.com
Location: indiana,usa

It is a terrible loss to Stargate to lose Janet Fraiser she is one of the main reasons i watch regularly I will miss her


From: Angela
Email: confushi_sushi@hotmail.com
Location: VT, USA

I've never cried so much over a tv show before. I will truly miss Janet Fraiser. She was always there and I have a hard time imagining our heros' lives in the hands of anyone other than this fine woman. She was truly an amazing person, even if only fictional. Good bye, you shall never be forgotten!


From: Tari Brown
Email: tlbrown@columbus.rr.com
Location: Central Ohio

Dr. Fraiser was the one who held everyone together. She was the one you could always count on to fix not "things" like Sam, but the "people". She cared a great deal about not only her work, but the people she worked with.



From: Courtney
Email: Dizziness86@aol.com
Location: CA, USA

Janet Fraiser made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She was great, and to have her life be taken away, and to find out she could have lived longer, just totally makes me so mad and sad. Janet Fraiser will be missed.


From: Captin Lady Liz
Email: uberliz@yahoo.com

I'd just like to say that I have been greatly Impressed by Janet Fraiser, you have always brought great depth and harmony to what would otherwise be a slightly chaotic SGC and I am very sorry to see you go,

You'll be dearly loved

And Greatly Missed.


From: Sandra
Email: ximajorscarterix@aol.com
Location: Germany

Yeah what can I say by now? Watching "Heroes" for the second time and I feel sad, very sad about the lost of a character that changed my world. Janet Fraiser was a wonderful woman. Funny and kind cannot describe who Janet really was. Even if I try to say which words could describe her....I fail. All I can say she really rocked my world. There are so many moments I will miss.

I'll miss her......Good Bye Janet. I will never forget you.


From: Amanda Quental
Email: ezradragon@aol.com
Location: California, USA

Janet Fraiser was a strong woman that stood up to what she believed in. She had a heart of gold and was caring to all those she loved. She is an excellent role model to follow and will really be missed. Her strength and ideals are something I look up to and have taken to heart in my life.

A fan,
Amanda Quental


From: Susan Watts
Email: stargate1121@hotmail.com
Location: North Dakota

Was very sad to see Janet Fraiser get killed. I know she will be missed at the SGC. She was more than an Air Force officer. She was a friend to all that knew her.

Goodbye Janet. You will be missed.


From: SaraC
Email: lexsara@yahoo.com
Location: Virginia

Janet Fraiser was the glue that truly held SG-1 together. She was the fifth member and a part of the family. She saved their lives countless times as well as the lives of hundreds, perhaps millions of others on this world and numerous others.

She was a loving mother, a devoted friend a phenomenal doctor and a true Hero in the best sense of the world.

You will be sorely missed.


From: Lin
Email: lin@bluejello.org
Location: UK

Janet's evolution has been amazing - from a minor character to a recurring character that many of us would have loved to see up there in the main credits.  She brought comedy, compassion, and so much more, while holding her own in a male dominated field.

I'll miss her friendship with Sam (who so badly needs a friend!), and her fierce protection of those she loved.  Nobody could do it better, and there will be an irreparable hole where Janet used to be.

RIP, Janet Fraiser.


From: Clare
Email: cell007@ntlworld.com
Location: Norwich, UK

If not for Janet 'Doc' Fraiser everyone on earth would probably be dead from some alien virus or gibbering in the corner like a caveman!  Janet Fraiser has saved the day just as much as any SG team.  I will truly miss Janet.  More than I should for a fictional character? - maybe, but that's the affect this wonderful person has on people.  The world just won't be the same without you doc, you'll live forever in our hearts.


From: Wendy
Email: wnbreeze@aol.com
Location: Massachusetts, US

No character has effected me with such an impact as the lovely Doctor Janet Fraiser. She will be missed like no other, a missing piece of my heart. Even though she was a smaller character in the show her wit, spark, and warmth shined right through as large as any other main character in any show. Thank you for being such a large part of my life. You will always be with me in my heart and greatly missed at the same time!


From: Ashli
Email: Samadema@earthlink.net
Location: Sac, ca

I think Janet Fraiser is one of the best people of the Stargate program. I just wish she could have stayed longer. I think she and Daniel would have made a great couple.


From: Zorak
Email: www.skelertlord@seznam.cz
Location: Czech republic

I never thought this would happen. All I can say is ... farewell.


From: Julie
Email: regent_to_the_queen@yahoo.com
Location: New York

What can you say about Janet Frasier? An incredible force in the SGC! Compassionate, professional, funny at times...and so much, much more. Though not a real person, I found myself quite sad when she died. She was one of the main reasons I watch the show... the glue that held it all together so to speak.

Peace, Janet. We'll miss you much.


From: Melissa Adams
Email: MelissaAdams22@Aol.com
Location: West Virginia, Earth

I'll be the first to admit that there was something special about Janet Fraiser.  Something that came across in her words, actions and even the words that didn't come across.  I personally felt it every time I watched her and only watched Stargate because of her.

Thank you and know that were the reason, the sole reason, that at least one person watched seven years of a show that most of the time picked up their mood and made them feel better.  Thank you so much and God bless.

All my love,


From: Monica
Email: monica667ro@yahoo.com
Location: Eastern Europe

Of all the miracles she created to keep other alive, there was no one who made a miracle happen for her. As Sam Carter made it clear there are a lot of people who owe their lives to Janet Fraiser. That was on-screen. But what of those off screen that were touched and influenced by this one woman?

She was a doctor, a woman, a friend, a mother and she excelled in all. She had a smile that brightened the day and a passion that made her feared... even by Col. Jack O'Neill. She was all about saving others and never saving herself.

She died in the line of duty but not with a gun in her hands but with white surgical gloves on. She may have been a soldier but her battles were against death. She cheated death for others and not for herself. She won so many others... and lost her final battle.

She was supposed to be a minor character but in truth she ended up being bigger than life!

I will miss her dearly. And I will never forget one moment of all she has given us, from The Broca Divide to Heroes.

Forever and for always, you will be missed, Dr. Janet Fraiser.


From: John Ney
Email: john.ney@netzero.net
Location: Mays Landing, NJ

I love the Janet character on the show. She should not have been killed off, but given more screen time. She is the mother to all on the SG1 project...Find a way to bring her back!