Dr. Janet Fraiser, the small but perfectly formed military doctor was hand-picked for the SGC by General Hammond back in 1994. Since then, she has expanded her wide range of expertise even further dealing with alien viruses, parasitical infestations and especially snarky colonels. Over the years, she has demonstrated her passionate beliefs and dictates of her profession and her unwavering loyalty to SG-1 and the rest of the SGC.

As a major and the chief medical officer at Stargate Command, her daily duties require the regular patching up of SG teams and research into new and exciting discoveries both about aliens from other worlds and about the possible history of humans on Earth. Her personal life revolves around bringing up the adopted alien child Cassandra, a young girl forced to leave her home world of Hanka (P8X-987) after its destruction by the goa'uld Nirrti. While her past hides a divorce from a man who felt her part in "this man's army" was less than appropriate, her future holds any number of new adventures and developments.

Contributed by Sesa Woruban