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Dear Teryl,

Firstly we would all love to thank you for bringing such a wonderful character to our screens and making us love her dearly. Even though one person is writing the views for a lot of people - and I mean A LOT - we all share the same views on your character. We love her to bits. Something we also love - as you will find out in a minute - is the amazing chemistry between Janet and Daniel and the "For crying out loud, will they just tell each other!" element of their relationship. We saw a little of this in 'Rite of Passage' but, God darn it we want more.

As you have probably gathered we are the DanandJan shippers. We, as a collective would like to ask you a tiny, little favour. It has come to our ears that there's this particularly shippy scene safely locked away in the footage storage somewhere in Bridge Studios, Vancouver. I'm talking about a certain scene of the episode '2010'. Because we're all dying to get our hands on that footage, we started a covert mission. Yes, I swear we did. Are you curious yet? Well, here's what happened.

p.s: if you think we are mad, it is all your fault as I do believe it was you and a certain Mr. Michael Shanks who decided to add in a 'shippy subtext' so therefore… you are entirely to blame :-D

(These ‘conversations’ are taken from the DanandJan mailinglist, so I hope they make some sense)
It all started with a detailed episode analysis of ‘2010’ by Michelle. Here’s a small part of it…
Okay, now the D/J analysis... I doubt you need to be warned, but for what it's worth, the following is heavily influenced by shipper point of view. This ep takes place prior to season 5 ROP (which so far has been set as my "standard" for the ultimate D/J ship), so you'd anticipate "less ship". Yet, it's set in the future, so we have to take that into account.

Lots of exchanged looks, especially on Janet's part. I swear, I caught her flat out staring at Daniel on several occasions.
Of course, you know this was one of my favorite exchanges of the entire episode:
Janet: "Well, I almost didn't come myself."
Daniel: "What?" (loved the way he said it, like obviously this would have GREATLY disappointed him - and he just stares at her with that look that makes my little shipper heart go all melty <hugh sigh>)

Then Mollem walks up, and we get the momentary diversion before plans are made for dinner.
Daniel: "Dinner?"
Sam: "Sounds great."
Janet: "Yes!" (said very enthusiastically, I might add) "Dinner."
Sam: (to Teal'c) "Great to see you." (at this point she kisses him)
Janet: (noticing that friendly kisses are going to be shared, she automatically turns to Daniel and sort of offers her cheek, like it's the most natural thing in the world <g>) "I'll see you soon." (note - this is spoken in a very soft tone of voice, and specifically to Daniel <g>)
Daniel: "Alright." (again, spoken in soft tones - then the kiss, and notice that Janet reaches for and touches his arm <g>)
Daniel and Sam then share a little kiss, but I noticed that Teal'c and Janet only share a bow in saying farewell.

Did you know that the kiss between Daniel and Janet was ad-libbed? It wasn't in the script. Michael planted one right on Teryl's lips in one take, but that didn't make it into the episode. Drat. ;P

Didn't you(Meg), Suzie and I have a plan going at one point to raid the building where the outtakes were stored? Whatever happened to that idea...?

After this post some people showed their interest in the ‘raid the building’-idea…
Hmmm... good question. Didn't we come to the conclusion that we'd never get past security? I'm sure we could figure out a way in, though... ;)

~Meg~ (ready, willing, and rearing to go)
Um... I might be on the other side of the continent, but I'm ready to board a plane and engage in a 'covert' raid on the building where we'd find that

I don't know, but I'm up for joining in too!

ME too...(starts watching touchstone to see how to carry out covert raids)...i'm learning...ready and willing

It seems danandjan members are cooking up a pleasant little covert mission to acquire rumored tapes of all those desirable "edits" and "bloopers" that we've been dying to see over the years - of particular note, the infamous unscripted "he kissed her on the lips the first time, but they cut it out" from 2010.

Definitely count me in for this! Do we need to start making inventory of the items we need? <g>

Count me in on the mission- I can probably dredge up an interesting outfit for it at least- considering I spent last Halloween as Sydney Bristow.

Sweet. Did you do one of her stilleto heels short skirt combos or the black combat gear? Thats what we'd need...wanna be in charge of costumes for everyone?

Slowly, more and more people showed their interest in joining in the covert mission…
how's that covert operation going? you can count me in on that :-)

That covert mission hasn't taken off yet, which sucks. But any day now! We're gonna go down there, we're gonna get what we're after, and we're not gonna let anyone stand in our way! Am I right? I said, AM I RIGHT?!?!?!

*waits for everyone to yell "Yes Sir!"*

Right! So, now all we need is a plan... ;)

SIR YES, SIR! *salutes*

I second that, SIR, YES SIR!

Ready and awaiting orders for the mission!

YES MA'AM! Itching to see what comes next!


Let's see here...backpack, check. Suitcase full of all sorts of needed supplies, check. Map of the Stargate studio, check. Listing of all the restaurants in the Vancouver region and maps showing how to get to them, check. Game Boy Advance, check. Portable MP3 player, check. Stargate DVDs, DVD player, and all the necessary connectors to hook the DVD player up to the gigantic screen at the front of the scout ship, check. Hologram of myself (on loan from Thor) set up at my desk at work so no one will realize I'm gone for the next few weeks, check. Goa'uld communication screen set up in my living room at home so I can check in multiple times a day with my mom and make sure she's all right while I'm away on this mission, check.

<wipes sweat from forehead> Whew! I think I *finally* have everything I need to join you folks on this covert mission! <Suzie teleports aboard the huge honkin' Goa'uld scout ship hovering over southeastern Wisconsin and claims the empty seat in the front by Meg, tackling Meg and giving her a great big hug in the process>

<salutes Meg> Aye aye, Captain! Ready and awaiting my orders.


*tackles Suzie back*

You came!!! You're here!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! :D

((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))

That is one heck of a checklist, btw, LOL! Sure you packed everything? Where's the kitchen sink? ;)


<delurks from blending in with the wall of scoutship and jumps on her friend!>

"I am so happy to see you…”

<turns around at strangled sound and sees Gemmie and *ses* staring at her, mouths open, eyes huge>

Shocked, *Ses* and Gemmie say in unison, "Did you just come out of the wall?!"

<Standing up and shaking her red-gold hair out of her face (did I tell you this is a Karen Sue?) she smoothed down the sleek cat suit (black of course, cuz it *is* flattering) and said with a cool smile that didn't quite reach her eyes> "Well, duh! You can't be Covert Ops if everyone knows where you are at and what you're doing." The cool smile turned into a friendly grin. "I came along as back-up in case something went wrong with plan A.”

She turned back to Suzie and said, "By the way, I do have a kitchen sink if you need it." Gemmie and *Ses* blinked. "And some zats (tho I hope that's not necessary) and extendable ears, sonic screwdriver,'<she reached back through the wall with an arm and rummaged around> chocolate and tickets to the monster truck show to bribe folks with, and just all sorts of stuff."

The girls looked stunned. "But how?"

Karen went on enthusiastically, "It's that new TARDIS(tm) technology I keep telling you about," Suzie nodded her head, "simply marvelous, you can pack a ton of stuff into a tiny space. I would buy some stock if I were you."

Suddenly Karen's ear beeped. "Drat, that's the boss, guess I have to go and explain why my lurking is over." She gave Suzie a HUGE HUG and turned to Meg and gave her a big ol' hug too. "Meg, Dear, if you get too tired to pilot, give a shout. I am certified to fly 27 different spaceships. I hope you get to feeling better. I know some Vulcan Neuropressure if ya need it."

Turning back to *Ses* and Gemmie, she gave a waggle of fingers to them and the other girls in the back. "Ta, darlings! Call if you need anything at all!"

And with that she stepped back and phased into the wall <cue theme music: choices are Doctor Who, The Professionals or, I don?t know, surprise me!>

*grin* okay, that was too damn fun. Now on with the Mission!!!!!!!!

~Karen~ (Secret Agent Grrl)
Welcome aboard Suzie! Hopefully you've packed enough! I'm the one in the back working on the scale model of Bridge Studios with all these little people :)


~The One KEA~
{*waits for everyone to yell "Yes Sir!"*}

<blinks> *Sir*?? Uh, Meg hun, dontcha mean *ma'am*?? <g>

So what's phase one?

Hey, I'm a modern kinda gal. Sir sounds better than Ma'am anyway. ;P

Suck it up, soldier, or you'll be on kitchen duty!


Anyone happen to know why I've suddenly become possessed with some kind of drill sergeant?!

Anyhooooo, let's see. Phase one. We seem to be amassing a few troops here, so taking the Bridge Studios gate shouldn't be a problem. Have all of you been through basic training already, or do I have to shuffle you off to boot camp? ;)

Oh what the heck, these are better anyway... *hands out Basic Training for Dummies books* Pay special attention to the section on covert ops, that'll probably come in handy the most. ;)

~Meg~ (who is in a VERY silly mood today :P)
Hummm... 'combat ops' chapter says it involves a good supply of wigs, duct tape, black leather (slimming you know) combat boots and an ability to talk your way out of a sticky situation. I think I can handle the wigs, duct tape and conversation- so I volunteer to be the 'distraction' if we need it while everyone 'storm the gates'! I think I can buy you guys at least 15 minutes!

~Sara~ (who is also being too silly for her own good tonight)
K...I've read the section on Black ops training...also the chapter on 'seducing to get what you want' written by Sam and Janet...<g> That could come in handy...If anyone needs a hunky linguist distracted *Waves hands in the air while jumping up and down* I'll do it, I'll do it! <vVbg> I'll do anything for this mission ;)

If you are tourists can I be dressed at the guide? i even have a 'Your Guide' badge that i made (dont ask long story!)...anyways i've always wanted to do the "And we're walking..." thingy

it could come in handy...

I'll be joining with you guys. Now I just need a plane ticket to Canada or wherever Bridge Studios might be... Can't we ask the Asgard to beam us poor Europeans up? I can't afford a ticket :-(

Thank you, Meg. I'm gonna need those {Basic Training for Dummies books}. I know nothing about military stuff and I'm not too bright so... those books are PERFECT for me :-)

Nah, that's no problem, Ses. I'll just swing by Europe in my handy dandy Goa'uld scout ship and ring everybody aboard. :)

Didn't know I had a scout ship, did ya? Huh? ;D

~Meg~ (overtired and slightly insane)
Ooooo, great! That's phase one all planned out, then. Now for phase two. Hmm...

I guess the next thing we have to do is get into the studio somehow. How is everybody at acting cool and pretending to be tourists? I'm sure we could just walk right in if we act like we're supposed to be there, right? ;)

Which would lead us to phase three. This is a tricky one... finding the room where they keep the old, discarded footage. Maybe we could bribe someone into telling us where it is. Peter DeLuise, perhaps? Or Joe Mallozzi? Hmm... I wonder if Michael Shanks would know where the lost footage is... *drifts off into daydreams*

~Meg~ (getting sillier by the minute)
P.S. Disclaimer: Just in case someone happens across this conversation and doesn't understand what we're talking about, this is all just in fun. We're not really going to storm Bridge Studios to steal the lost footage of the Daniel/Janet kiss. Well... *ponders the possibility for a moment* Nah, we're not really going to. But it’s a great idea, isn't it? ;D
{Now for phase two. Hmm... … How is everybody at acting cool and pretending to be tourists? I'm sure we could just walk right in if we act like we're supposed to be there, right?}

oh yeah, I can do that. we just have to watch out not to get distracted by some very gorgeous actors... ahem *BG*

{Which would lead us to phase three. This is a tricky one... finding the room where they keep the old, discarded footage…}

We could just go to the security room and search from there?

{P.S. Disclaimer: …}

WHAT??!!! This isn't for REAL??!!! MEG?! that's NOT funny. I want to see that kiss! I don't care what it takes, but I will get to see it!

~*ses*~ -- trying unsuccessfully to calm down from this shocking news
{oh yeah, I can do that. we just have to watch out not to get distracted by some very gorgeous actors... ahem *BG*}

Ooooo, that could prove to be a problem.

*drums fingers thoughtfully*

Well, I guess if anyone chokes up upon seeing a gorgeous actor, one of the rest of us could cover for them by saying they just swallowed their gum or something. Do you think that would work? We wouldn't want to look like fangirls or anything... :/

Course, if someone totally flips out and flings themselves at one of the actors, or faints or something, that'll be a little bit harder to cover for...

{We could just go to the security room and search from there?}

*shakes head sadly*

Ses, ses, ses... what fun would that be? ;)

{WHAT??!!! This isn't for REAL??!!! MEG?! that's NOT funny…}


Well, of COURSE it's for real. I just had to say that so that if any of TPTB happened to come lurking about, they wouldn’t suspect anything. ;)

You see? There's method to my madness. :)

Sometimes, anyway...

I had a thought...does anyone on the list live in Canada? Hopefully close to Vancouver? Do you have a Big and I mean REALLY big house that 250+ people could come and stay for a while...then hide out while the police and FBI are after us???

Well, I live in Canada, but nowhere near Vancouver, I'm afraid. But like I said, I have a scout ship, so no problem. :)

COOL! Can we set up base camp in your garden?

~Gemmie~ *packing bags and moving in with meg*
Sure! We just moved to a new house, and the garden's pretty big here, so come on over! ;)

~Meg~ (who has some tidying up to do if she's going to be getting swarms of visitors...)
The revelation of Meg having a scout ship came as a very weird, but nice surprise. Oh, btw, if you think that this can't get any weirder or crazier… you're wrong :-D
{Didn't know I had a scout ship, did ya? Huh? ;D}
no we didn't...why dont you just beam us down into the office with the cut sceens (is that the rite spelling?) in then beam us out??? Oh btw i'm in england...dont forget me!!!!

Beam you down? What am I, Scotty? ;)

(Sorry, couldn't resist a Jacob quote there, ROFL!!!)

No, sorry, you have to have a ring transporter waiting below in order to ring down to it, or else be so low to the ground that the rings from the ship are enough to grab whatever it is you want to ring aboard/off-board. And if I got close enough to the studio with the scout ship, they'd get a little suspicious, don't you think? ;)

But I will be able to get us pretty close to the studio gates without drawing any unwanted attention, so that'll come in handy. :)

~Meg~ (who obviously watches this show too much if she knows all the technical stuff about ring transporters...)
Okay, well, I'm in Richmond, Virginia... think you can swing that ship down here and do the 'beam me up' thing? Either that or someone could put in a good word for me with Thor? :)

~Sara~ (who's actually getting the idea that maybe we should plan some type of Dan/Jan get together sometime- even if it isn't for our Covert Mission! Of course, we could then plan even bigger schemes... hummmm)
No probs! This baby can zip all the way around the world in just over an hour. :)

You have a scout ship?? That's SO cool!!! Hey, that could be handy. If the Police and FBI are after us, we can just jump into the ship and fly off into space. Now there's an idea...

Just make sure that ship has got a VCR or DVD and a big screen TV (make that VERY big screen). Hey and don't forget to take your DVDs (or whatever) of SG with you. We need something to occupy ourselves with. And while we're stealing, we could also look for the tapes with the new eps on them. I mean, haven't they finished shooting s7 yet?? If we've got that, I think it'll take us a while before we get bored :-D

And while we're at it, why don't we abduct some certain persons?? Or maybe not... we might end up fighting each other to get our hands on them *VBG*

and if we have some problems getting in, we could always ask the Retou for help. No? *g*

While the others were planning the mission, Vicki had gone to Vancouver to do some surveillance of the building…
Okay guys...

Storming the gates at the studios *should* be easy enough... but we're gonna need something large!!!

Once inside, the studios with the Stargate in are easy enough to find... you can see where the iris is from outside the fence.

And hey! to everyone from GATECON!!!! Wooo!!! I've just come back from lunch with Douglas Arthurs (aka Heru-ur!)

Am still slightly hyper...

And Arcana did some more planning…
So how's this for a plan?

Phase one: Meg picks us all up in her handy-dandy scout ship and takes us back to her place. We spend a couple days there (Meg'll have a heck of a water bill at the end of the month, maybe we could make donations?) familiarizing ourselves with the layout of the target building.

Phase two: Meg brings us to Vancouver in her handy-dandy scout ship (which'll be cloaked, of course) and rings us down a few blocks away from the target. After givving us half an hour or so to move into place (maybe a dozen or two of us can sneek in disguised as tourists- so it'll look normal to gawk if we see any of the actors)

Phase three: After half an hour, Meg decloaks her handy-dandy scout ship- right outside of the target building. After giving TPTB a few minutes to notice, she'll fly off (slowly) and TPTB should pursue, wondering why one of their "props" is flying around downtown Vancouver...

Phase four: Once TPTB are gone, those inside the building can move into action, slipping away from their tour groups and proceeding to search the premises for the tape in question. Those outside can sit and pretend to be amazed by the "UFO" that just flew by, while really standing guard to ensure TPTB don’t return early.

Phase five:Once the tape in question has been found, someone can slip it into a purse or backpack, and return to their tour groups, leaving when everyone else does.

Phase six: Everyone returns to the rendevous point where Meg, in her handy-dandy scout ship (which she would have recloaked) can ring us aboard, and return us to her place, where we can proceed to watch the tape in question.

So, y'think it'll work? <g>

*Meg zips around the world, picking up Dan/Janners as she goes*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall aboard!!!!

Just don't scuff the walls... ;)
Alright, is that everyone? *does a quick head count, which takes a while*
Wow, there's a lot of people on here... I think that's everybody! :)

*pops Lifeboat into the VCR and everybody crowds around to watch it, practically crushing Meg in the process*

Whoa, easy there, folks! Let the pilot by, please! Thank you. :)

*hours later*

People? What people? Mom, I think you're hallucinating, I don't see a huge crowd of people in the backyard. *ahem* ;)

We settled in Meg’s garden and made some last minute adjustments to our plan. Then we all got back in the scout ship to leave for Vancouver. You have no idea how glad Meg’s parents were…
ok, I know I sound like one of my kids, but are we there yet;)
Seriously, I forgot how much I hate to fly, we really need to figure out how to ring there.

*sigh* Okay, next person to say that either has to fly the ship, or I let them out and they're WALKING to Vancouver. ;)

*giggle* Just kidding, Amy!

We're almost there, folks, so fasten your seatbe... er... hold onto something really really tight, heh heh! WE'RE COMING IN FOR A LANDING!! :)

~Meg~ (now landing the scout ship full of cranky passengers in a field near Bridge Studios)

Sorry for complaining, you're doing a great job. Really, wouldn’t want anyone else but you at the controls, (closing eyes and grabbing on to the nearest person) Are we down yet. . . .YES.

*Meg wipes sweat from her brow*

Phew, that went much better than the last time I tried to land this thing...

*looks around at the sea of suddenly shocked and terror-stricken faces*

What? Oh, did I say that out loud? Heh heh... woops! *gulp* Erm... I guess I forgot to mention that I've only landed this thing twice by myself, including just now, and uh... the first time looked a lot like that scene from Last Stand...

Wuh oh!

*backs away from the sea of suddenly enraged-looking faces*

Oooo! Look! Is that Michael I see outside the window?!

*ducks and runs away while everyone crowds around the window to look*

~Meg~ (great at flying, not always so great at landing ;P)
So, we're here... when do we move out!! (Distracting techniques are at the ready. I will do my duty and make sure you can all get by unnoticed. I have ways... I hope the studio security guards are ready for me! <eg>)

*calls back over her shoulder as she makes her getaway*

You're up, Sara! Do me proud! ;)

~Meg~ (who will remain with the ship to scoop you all up afterwards, as planned)
Okay, here I go. As soon as you see me reach the guard booth, be ready to go.

Looks like there's only two of them and I think I can handle it.

Here goes nothing....

Sara: (walking quite casually up to the two guards sitting in the little booth guarding the entrance) Hey there boys, I seem to have lost my dog around her somewhere, any of you see a retriever puppy run by?

Guard #1: (with gaping expression on face, considering Sara is wearing the Sydney Bristow 'spy girl' outfit, a leather skirt and short top, not extremely revealing but enough to be distracting... I hope!) Um... well... I haven't...

Guard #2: (looking stunned as well, but obviously more composed) Miss, I can call you Miss right?

Sara: (trying to look innocent as she fiddles with her hair, making sure to keep their eyes on her and not on the gate) You can call me anything you like if you help me find my puppy (moving so their view of the entrance is blocked)

Guard #1: What does he look like?

Guard #2: What's his name?

Sara: Actually, he's the cutest little thing, brown and black with the most soulful little puppy dog eyes. I love my Danny boy and I don't know what I'd do without him. We were walking down the street and he just took off, he always does this you understand, I just can't seem to keep track of him. I do hope he's not hurt, (sniffing) he has a tendency to get into trouble.

((Sniffing now, trying to look sad and pathetic, ala Daniel))

Guard #1: (offering kleenex) There there, we'll help you find him, I'm sure he hasn't gone far.

(Holds breath as Guard #2 suddenly looks up and towards the gate. Breathing in relef as he turns back with a small frown)

Guard #2: I don't think we should both leave, I mean...

Sara: (looking mournful) we won't have to go far, I promise, I won't keep you long!

(Guards look at each other carefully, before turning and smiling)

Guard #1: Okay, but we can't leave sight of the gate, all right?

(Beaming smile now, watching them smile as well)

Sara: Oh thank you!

(moving off to the side, successfully getting them both out of the booth!)

Okay girls, they're out of the way, GO NOW!!!

~Sara~ (who obviously has WAY too much time on her hands in the aftermath of Isabel to type this little piece of nonsense out!)
*giggles as she watches from the bushes nearby*

Man, she's GOOD! ;)

P.S. ROFL!!!!
*giggle* you are evil

*Saluts Meg* Ready and Waiting your orders to move out Ma'am

~Gemmie~ (who really does belive this is one of the funnest (is that even a word?) groups on yahoo :D)
*speaks into her radio* (what, you didn't think we were going to do this without nifty SG-1 radios, did ya? ;D)

Okay, troops, MOVE IN!!!

~Meg~(who seconds that sentiment!)
*grabs her radio* YES, Ma'am!!!

This is so unreal cool :-)

~*ses*~ (can I third that?)
I'm heading down a corridor in the dark...i've come to some steps...

*through her radio* Yeah, and...? You're not lost already, are you? ;)

well its DARK...things lurk in the dark...there could be anything down there :(

such as an Unas or two...we don't know where they keep those things when their not in an ep! as we've seen they like to hide out in caves and such...I need back-up...someone to watch my six <VBG>

*over radio* ses, get your butt over her and help me out! ;)

~Shippy~ (was Gem )
I'm over here! what's going on? where did you go? I need some directions here...

*listens to the chatter coming through the open comm link on her radio*

*sigh* Amateurs... sheesh. ;)

*looks over at Suzie* Can you pick 'em up on sensors? Maybe we can guide them from here.

*Suzie nods and presses a few buttons, and a hologram of the studio's interior appears in front of them with little blips scattered here and there, indicating people*

Ahh, perfect! :)

*through her radio* Guys, take a left. There should be a light up ahead, so you'll be able to see where you're going. Though where your flashlights went, I will never know... *sigh*

Remember, you're looking for either some kind of storage room, or someone who might be able to tell you where one is.

*glances over at Suzie again and they both roll their eyes at the stream of hyper babble that comes through the radios from Ses and Shippy as they make their way through the studio*

I knew this would turn out to be a bad idea. :/

okay okay, I'm here... I think. so, what's next?

Hey...where ya been?????

Meg sent us out to carry on with the mission...I got to some stairs going down to what looks like the basement and I'm NOT going down there without reinforcements!

Thats where you come in :D

HEY GUYS??? did you manage to pick up another blimp this cause we took that left and came face to face with a PO'ed Col. pointing a P90 at us....HEEEEEELP!!!! *ses*.....RUN!!!!!! where do we go now???????

*running* what colonel? anyone we know?? *G* It wouldn't be a bad thing to hide though... I suppose Meg can't teletransport us to a more *safe* area????

I've got your back Gem! Er... Shippy.
<Peers down the stairs to look into the dark basement>
Y'know, uh, I dont think they'd put film down there. The dampness might ruin it, right? Still, we should probably check it out, just to be sure.

After you, Shippy!

<waits, and see's shippy isn't going down there first>

<Sigh> All right, all right, I'll go first. But you better come too!!

Thank you...at least someone doesn't want me to get shot :P

I'm coming, I'm coming...dont get ya knicker in a twist...but do you not see that PO'ed Col i mentiond before? you know the one pointing the P90 at us...are ya sure ya wanna go down there?

~Shippy~ (yes...blame *ses* for my change of name ;) )
*bangs her head repeatedly against the "dashboard"*

I thought I trained you guys to be TOUGH! To be FEARLESS! Where did I go wrong?? *sigh*

Have you considered asking the man for directions? I'm sure he’s just an overly exuberant extra who works for the show, not a REAL Colonel... ;)

~Meg~ (who is beginning to despair that we'll EVER get ahold of this footage!)
train??? when did THAT happen? well, I think I missed boot camp then...

hey hey hey!!! We're the ones risking out six to get this when your and suzie are up there in the nice cozy little ship with coffee and hot chocolate :P

can't you just beam him up out of our way???

I could if he was outside. :P

Erm... hang on... maybe I can cause some kind of diversion...

*starts punching some buttons*

If I installed this correctly, this should activate my new Asgard holographic communications system...

*suddenly appears as a hologram inside the studio, a few feet away from Shippy and Ses*

Wooooo!! Cool! :D

*waves at the confused Colonel*

Hiya! How's it going? Catch any Goa'ulds lately?

*whispers to Shippy and Ses*

Un-ray... OW-NAY!!!

~Meg~ (bi-lingual - Pig Latin ;))
ARGH!!! DON'T DO THAT! you just pop up in places without warning giving me the heebyjeebies! But wait...that is a cool gadget!

And don't forget Arcana...she's down here with us as well :D

i can bearly grasp english Meg...so lets keep with that shall we?!?!?! ;)

Oh, my mistake... translation: RUN!! NOW!!! :P

K gottit and no arguments!

~Shippy~*running verrry quickly*
Finally! ;)

*looks at the confused Colonel*

What are YOU staring at? What, you've never seen a hologram before??

So that where we are now. Gem, Arcana and *ses* -that's me- are stuck down in the basement between a PO'ed Colonel and the possibility of an Unas or two. Meg and Suzie are up in the scout ship trying to figure out how to help us. There are people outside stopping TPTB from getting back in the building, some are ransacking the rest of the building and Sara is distracting the guard.
So as you see… we still don't have the footage and we are in a bit of a predicament. As you can see, we could, sorta, use some help here. We're kinda stuck in a cliché "TO BE CONTINUED" thing and need a little help. I don't suppose you can drop a hint or two here and there to have them (whoever them may be) put that scene as an extra on one of the DVDs??? Please? Pretty please??? With sugar on top???? We'd would to do ANYTHING to get our hands on that scene. But I think you already got that… :-)

Anyway, thanx a LOT for reading this and we hope to see many *MANY* more shippy scenes between Janet and Daniel :-D

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