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From: LauraJo
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General Comments: Well I thought it only right I should start this off!  So what can I say...  Well, my following of Janet's character has been something of a different experience for me.  Before now, my favourite characters in a show have, I think without exception, been the female half of whichever shipper couple I've supported for that show.  In the beginning, the same was true of Stargate - Sam was my favourite for quite a while.  But Janet just... crept up on me.  And it's been fun!  Long may it continue.


From: Jen
Email: jen@theangelgirl.co.uk
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Date Submitted: 13-04-03

General Comments: Well, I'd like to echo everything Laura said. She's worked really hard on this site so *applauds*  I've always loved Janet - why else do Matt and I make such a big deal of her in our Musings?


From: Clara
Email: clara@pink-martini.net
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Date Submitted: 14-04-03

General Comments: I don't know what it is about Janet, but ever since I began watching SG1 she was my favorite female character. I love Sam but there's something about Janet's character that endears her to me. She's probably the only character I've never seen a 'hate' site for and in this fandom that's pretty special.


From: Leigh
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Date Submitted: 15-04-03

General Comments: Like many others I came to SG1 fairly late (season5)and have spent a small fortune catching up. The character of Janet Fraiser has interested me because Teryl has endowed her with so much more depth, she is more than JUST a doctor. I think it would be a shame not to have explored that further, but saying that SG1 is and will continue to be a quality show.


From: Meesh
Email: egyptian.queen@ntlworld.com
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Date Submitted: 16-04-03

General Comments: Well I thought I would drop by and just say how I feel on everything. Firstly, Teryl is an amazing actress, my interest in Teryl as an actress came from her role on Stargate SG1 as Janet Fraiser. One of the first episodes I remember watching and thinking "Wow she's good!" was the Broca Divide (of course I watched Stargate so infrequently I watched it all out of sequence and didn't know that was her first episode!)

So I watched more episodes and as I grew to like the series, I grew to like the characters. Particularly Janet.

My interest in Teryl as an actress grew and I have been gradually hunting down her other work in TV and film (If anyone hasn't seen Mr Rice's Secret I recommend it!)


From: Leanne Rigg
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General Comments: I'm going to start of with the obvious - I am a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 and I've watched ALMOST every episode (see, no matter how big a fan... TV stations will NOT arrange their schedules around me :( ... Oh well... lol.) ... I was hooked on the concept of the show, then I become hooked on the characters of the show... and yes, Janet is one of my favourites. Probably because there is so much more to her then meets the eye... there's so much we don't know about her and it would have been interesting to find out a bit more.

Some of my favourite 'Janet' episodes have to be -Hathor, Legacy, Foothold, Entity and Rite of Passage. Because in each of these you get a glimpse into the many sides of the character... Janet kicking Goa'uld butt... Janet losing control of her body and mind... Bad Alien Janet :)... Janet the friend... and Janet the mother.

But, Dr. Janet Fraiser would not be the character we all know and love today without the wonderful performance from Teryl Rothery... A very beautiful and extremely talented actress, who I hope, will continue to grace our screens for many years to come!

~ Lea xXx


From: Lin
Email: cartouche@softhome.net
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Date Submitted: 22-04-03

General Comments:

Sam: "Well, Mama said there'd be days like this."
Janet: "Really? My ex-husband said that. 'Are you out of your mind, honey buns? There's a reason they call it 'this man's army'.'

It was with that line that Janet Fraiser first caught my attention, and it remains one of my favourites. The only thing about it that I find a shame is that the adorable Southern accent didn't stick around.

Janet's an interesting and fun character, partly down to the writers, but largely as a result of Teryl Rothery's wonderful performance.

Thanks, Teryl, for making me smile each time I see your name in the guest cast list.


From: Vicki
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Date Submitted: 23-04-03

General Comments: I'm absolutely useless at expressing myself in words, but I'm here to have a go anyway.

Although I was very late in entering the Stargate fandom, Janet Fraiser quickly caught my eye as an example of a strong, intelligent and all round lovely woman. Her compassion and her stength are her greatest assets, and it's a joy whenever I see "Teryl Rothery" come up on screen.


From: tayryn
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Date Submitted: 12-05-03

General Comments: under *orders* from LauraJo, i started watching SG-1 last year, and promptly fell in love with it... and Jack... and Sam... and yes, Janet too.

it is wonderful to see more than one strong female character on a show.  and Teryl's protrayal of Janet is fabulous.  simply fabulous.

am not fussy about doctors... however if Janet Fraiser was a real doctor in real life...  i would gladly be one of her patients.

and one last thing...



From: melody
Email: pellmelody@yahoo.com
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Date Submitted: 02-06-03

General Comments: Just got back from seeing/meeting Teryl at the Tampa Vulkon convention. I've only watched maybe 2 episodes total of Stargate total. But Teryl may have hooked me in. She's SO sweet, so friendly and just plain gorgeous. Yeah...I might be hooked now.

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