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From: Natalie
Email: moonwentdown@yahoo.com
Location: united kingdom
Homepage URL:
Date Submitted: 20-10-03

General Comments: Just wanted to say like the rest of you, Teryl rocks!  Stargate would not be the same without her.  For those of you that feel that you need a further teryl fix I highly recommend the x-files episode she was in!  Everyone who writes Janet fan fic your all great and keep all us teryl lovers entertained week in week out!


From: J. Lynn Stapleton
Email: ceridwyn2@hotmail.com
Location: Fredericton, NB (Canada)
Homepage URL: http://angelfire.com/scifi/jlynns/
Date Submitted: 21-10-03

General Comments: I've loved your performances on Stargate SG-1 as Dr. Janet Fraiser and as the Asgard scientist Heimdall. You continue to bring wonderful work and dedication to a ensemble series. Would hope to see that continue in any format.  Would have loved to get to a Gatecon to see you, however, the cost of airflight to Vancouver from this end of the country is rather expensive for a nursing student & part-time employee :)

Keep up the wonderful work!.


From: Gemma
Email: jazzieg100@hotmail.com
Location: Uni!
Homepage URL:
Date Submitted: 22-10-03

General Comments: Hi there! I'm just writing a quick comment to say that i love Janet, and then i went to Gatecon this year (so cool!) and met Teryl - and now i love Teryl too! She's so cool - and so nice! The photo queues were long, so she came round and gave everyone cookies! And she was just so friendly! She had a flight to catch on the sunday, but she didn't want to stop chatting to her fans, so she almost missed it - Don Davis had to hurry her up! She's just great!


From: Vicki
Email: little_miss_likes_to_fight@hotmail.com
Location: Durham, UK
Homepage URL: http://www.chrysalis.janetfraiser.com
Date Submitted: 23-10-03

General Comments: Weeeeee!! Back again, for take two of my insane ravings :)

Janet... well, what can I say?! It did actually take me a while to realise it, but slowly and surely, she became my favourite character. As is perhaps obvious from the reviews I've done, I get a wee bit over excited when she's in the episode. Ahem.

Having met Teryl at Gatecon, she's just as fabulous as the character she plays. She bought us biscuits while we were waiting in the photograph queue and even listened to my ramblings at the autograph table about "my friend, who's your biggest fan, and couldn't make it" and "my friend who has appendicitis" and if she could just sign a couple of things for them!


From: Andrea
Email: andy75@sbcglobal.net
Location: Fort Worth TX
Homepage URL:
Date Submitted: 24-10-03

General Comments: I just wanted to say how much I love you and your character.


From: Meg
Email: Meg612@gateworld.net
Location: Ontario, Canada
Homepage URL: www.gateview.ca
Date Submitted: 27-10-03

General Comments:

Hi Teryl :)

I really enjoy your work, not only in Stargate but also in everything else I've seen/heard you in. Janet Fraiser has slowly become my second favourite character on Stargate (second only to Daniel, as I am first and foremost a Daniel Junkie), and every episode you're in is enhanced by your presence. :)

I'm one of the world's biggest fans of Daniel/Janet ship, so I just can't thank you enough for adding in the hidden ship moments between the two characters. It gives me no end of enjoyment to watch the episodes and try to spot them. ;)

Good luck, and God bless. :)


Name: Suzie
Email: sbagley814@hotmail.com
Location: Wisconsin
Homepage URL: http://smb814.shahrazad.net
Date Submitted: 29-10-03

General Comments: From Season 1 to the present, Janet Fraiser has always been one of my favorite characters on Stargate.  That, however, would not have been the case if it hadn't been for the wonderful actress behind the character.  You've given life to someone who is an inspiration to women of all ages, myself included -- a strong, selfless, determined, professional woman who, in spite of a demanding job, is still deeply devoted to her friends and family and will fight for them when necessary.  In a troubled world like ours, we can never have enough excellent role models like those on TV.  Thank you for helping create one of them for us.


From: Michelle Lunsford
Email: michelle@thelunsfords.net
Location: Tennessee, USA
Homepage URL: http://www.thelunsfords.net
Date Submitted: 29-10-03

General Comments: Just wanted to say a heartfelt THANKS to Teryl for the wonderful job she's done in bringing Janet Frasier to life over the past seven seasons. Teryl, you managed to make a secondary character multi-dimensional, interesting, and admirable. And Dr. Frasier has certainly provided more than enough inspiration for my creative muse in the realm of fanfiction and music vids. I appreciate all your effort and dedication. Best of luck in future endeavors.


From: Eddie C Edwards
Email: eced52@pldi.net
Location: Geary, OK
Homepage URL:
Date Submitted: 31-10-03

General Comments: I have thoroughly enjoyed your character in SG-1 and your work in the Bosworth movie, don't remember the name, about the bank robbery. I also thought you did a great job in the one episode of Showtime's Out of Order. I always thought that your character and RDA's character should have gotten together, because in my opinion you are better looking and after the Broca Divide scene where you and RDA gaze at each other so well WOW, I thought that would be the route they would go since the other was impossible. But I have always gotten things wrong. On Enterprise I am hoping that Blaylock's character Tu'pal and Trinnear's character Trip get together instead of Bakula and Blaylock. But we all know that more that likely it won't work out that way.


From: Rex Trotter
Email: trex658@yahoo.com
Location: Orlando, FL
Homepage URL:
Date Submitted:

General Comments:

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